ARTICLE: Efficacy and tolerability of BP-C1 in metastatic breast cancer: a Phase II, randomized, double-blind, and placebo-controlled Thai multi-center study

Breast Cancer – Targets and Therapy 2019:11

A major improvement in the prognosis of breast cancer has occurred during the last few decades, including a median reduction in the breast cancer mortality of 19% due to novel adjuvant agents and early detection. However, the median overall survival in metastatic breast cancer (MBC) is ~3 years and the 5-year survival is only 25%. These figures have not improved substantially, and MBC is still the leading cause of cancer related deaths in females worldwide. Findings indicate that improvement in adjuvant treatment of breast cancer induces a negative selection over time to more unfavorable patient characteristics in recent cohorts in those patients who actually develop metastases. This may account for the unchanged outcome of treatment of MBC patients. While some women with MBC may achieve long-term survival, the therapeutic aim is palliation, balancing treatment efficacy in terms of the delayed progression of the disease and prolonged survival to drug-induced toxicity and AEs because maintaining QOL as long as possible is crucial…………..

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