Cancer is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. The oncology drug market reached USD 107 billion in 2015 growing at a compounded 7% per year resulting in most major pharmaceutical companies researching into this therapy area. Meabco A/S is developing two products addressing many of the difficult challenges of cancer treatment and is attempting to close the gaps and offer the following advantages:

  • An effective treatment option for cancer patients, especially for those in the late-stage.
  • Less toxicity, thus reduced side-effects.
  • Improved quality of life during treatment.
  • Patient friendly de-centralized treatment.

Our product portfolio is based on a platform containing a lignin-derived polymer of benzene-poly-carboxylic acids. In our anticancer drug BP-C1, platinum is complexed with the polymer. In BP-C2, our drug that mitigates radiation and chemotherapy damages, molybdenum is complexed with the polymer.

The recent results from the clinical and pre-clinical activities year have brought Meabco further towards an introduction of a game change in the oncology market.

BP-C1: Novel Cancer Drug with Low Toxicity

Clinical trials are well underway in incurable pancreatic cancer and metastatic breast cancer.


BP-C2: Novel drug in Cancer Palliation and Radiation Damage

A clinical trial in Prostate Cancer is being initiated and promising pre-clinical data is emerging in radioprotection.