BP-C2 – Novel drug in Cancer Palliation

Meabco’s BP-C2 product is an immunomodulator with a wide range of properties including radioprotection of cancer patients undergoing radiation therapy, personnel exposed to occupational low radiation, emergency workers and personnel with known health risks of radiation exposure. Furthermore, the BP-C2 immune properties sustain the quality of palliation/supportive care of cancer patients. BP-C2 is positioned for the global USD 23 billion market of cancer palliation drugs. Ionizing radiation has sufficient energy to cause chemical changes in cells and damage them. Some cells may die or become abnormal, either temporarily or permanently.

By damaging the genetic material (DNA) contained in the body’s cells, radiation can cause cancer. The extent of the damage to the cells depends upon the amount and duration of exposure, as well as the organs or skin exposed. A very large amount of radiation exposure (acute exposure) can cause sickness or even death within hours or days. In general, the amount and duration of exposure affects the severity or type of health effect. There are two broad categories of health effects: chronic (long-term) and acute (short-term) and both categories comprise organ and skin irradiation matters.