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BP-C1 Oncology Human

BP-C1 Cancer care Unique product that clinically has proven to have both strong palliation properties as well as tumor control properties.

BP-C2 Radiation Defence

BP-C2 incorporates immunomodulating and chelating ligand and a molybdenum, needed for detoxification.

Immovet-C8 Oncology Vet

Immovet-C8 introduces new standards of treatment of malignant tumours of pets: without pain and without fear.

About us

The Company

Meabco A/S is a Danish pharmaceutical company established in 2001.

Research is undertaken in collaboration with leading institutions and recognised scientists across the world, including Denmark, Norway, Israel, Egypt, Thailand and Russia.

Meabco A/S has a product portfolio focusing on cancer in both humans (BP-C1) and animals (Immovet-C8) and on radiation protection and supportive care (BP-C2).


Meabco A/S offers a multi-targeted and multi-functional approach in the therapy of cancers and radiation-induced injuries.

The product portfolio is based on the proprietary ligand used for immunomodulation and transport of metal compounds with known therapeutic potential.

The drugs combine efficacy with high Quality of Life in patients. They are simple to administer and the clinical data look encouraging.

MEABCO A/S  |  Richard Mortensens Vej 61  |  DK-2300 Copenhagen  |  Telephone: +45 32 46 03 70  | e-mail:
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